Cash for Junk Cars

When your car won’t go, call PronTow!

If Unauthorized Parking is a problem let us be your solution.

We Buy Junk Cars and Junk Car Removal

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About PronTow...

When you need a tow, you need PronTow.

To many people it’s not just a car, it’s almost a family member. You have Names for them, you wax them, you polish them. To some it’s nothing short of love. We understand that and we use the same care in handling your car, your baby that you do. I started in the tow industry 30 years ago. There’s been a lot of changes, But one thing hasn’t changed, our commitment to customer service. Let Us take the worry out of your towing needs. We offer door to door service; Where you can receive a text or email on pickup and delivery confirmation of your vehicle. You have a lot of choices, we value your business and your choice of PronTow.  

We know how you
treat your car..

We Buy Trophy Cars PronTow We Buy New Cars

We’ll treat your
baby right!

We Buy Trophy Cars We Buy New Cars We Buy Cars We Buy Trophy Cars



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